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About Us

Honest Estate Sales proudly serves the South Puget Sound area and beyond. Our experienced team looks forward to serving you next! Contact us today...

Joe Aboubakr, Honest Estate Sales

Joe Aboubakr is the owner of Honest Estate Sales in Tacoma, Washington. He has been in the estate sale industry for over 13 years, four of those years with Honest Estate Sales. Joe also serves as the Town of Steilacoom's President of the Chamber of Commerce, assisting in the future success for other small businesses in the area. In four years Honest Estate Sales has become a well-known brand in the South Puget Sound. Joe is dedicated and committed to an overall positive experience for his clients, his customers and his employees. As a first-generation American and a veteran of the U.S. Navy, Joe understands how hard work is essential for success, however, as a father of 3 little girls Joe also realizes creativity and enjoying what you do is just as important.

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