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Honest Estate Sales simplifies things for you.
The prospect of an estate sale can be overwhelming. Let us take over...

Estate Sale Service

Honest Estate Sales provides estate sale solutions for our clients. Our team offers a hands-on approach to every detail of the sale from start to finish. We personally organize and price every item. Then, we market and advertise our sales effectively to potential customers and treasure-seekers. After each estate sale is completed, our client receives a check for all proceeds. We are also available to help advise for removal of any remaining items. Overall, our estate sales service provides real solutions and promises to exceed your expectations. 

STEP 1: Pre-Sale

Before the sale, our team takes special care and expertise to organize all contents of the home, price every individual item, and ensure widespread advertisement of the sale to the public. We are CAGA certified and use that knowledge to properly price your most precious treasures.

Estate sale service in Tacoma, W

STAGING: We create a plan to stage all items to be sold in order to create a professional store-like display. We work from the basement to the attic to arrange a sale attractive to buyers. When a home is well organized and properly staged, customers enjoy their experience, shop longer, and are encouraged to purchase items.

Estate sale service in Olympia, WA

PRICING: Our certified professionals assign a proper, fair value to every item in the house. We are experienced and educated in current market values and pay extra attention to items requiring special research.

Estate sale service in Gig Harbor, WA

ADVERTISING: The key to a successful sale is in getting the word out there! We advertise the items and pictures of your sales beforehand to would-be buyers. Besides extensive listing on our HonestEstateSales.comCraigslist Ads, our own website blog, & various social media outlets. We also feature our sales on - the most widely viewed estate sales site in the country.

STEP 2: Sale Days

Once everything is prepared, we conduct a multi-day estate sale. Our friendly, knowledgeable team members answer questions, process sales, & help customers.

Multi-day estate sales

SALE PERMIT: We ensure that any necessary sale permits are secured and well displayed.

Antiques & Collectibles

DIRECTIONAL SIGNS: Our signs drive traffic your way and lead customers straight to the sale.

Furniture & Jewelry

HOUSE YARD SIGNS: Your sale will be well marked and visible using strategically placed signage.

Estate Sale tools

NO PARKING SIGNS: We are mindful of your neighborhood and place "no parking" signs where appropriate.

STEP 3: Post-Sale

Upon completion of the sale, we pay you the proceeds via check. Additionally, we can provide advice to facilitate donation or removal of any items that may remain in the home.

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