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What to do with Old Artwork?

At local estate sales, artwork is a popular item. We often find quality pieces that sell easily, but others are overlooked. With that, repurposing old artwork is gaining popularity. Whether you are selling the artwork or wondering what to do with all the unique pieces you find at local estate sales, here’s what we recommend when it comes to making use of old artwork.

Sell It

Selling old artwork at an estate sale is always a good option. For Honest Estate Sales, our approach is to help our client by doing a little research. We take time to understand who the artist was/is, and what their prints are worth. We use this information when advertising your estate sale and during the sale to help educate buyers.

Taking our research into account, we work to price the piece right. We know personal preference can play a factor, and we work to respect our client’s affinity to a piece but are committed to pricing it according to its true value. The last thing we want is to have unsold inventory because it was priced too high.

That being said, if you have a high-value piece, we want to make sure you get top dollar. We can sell the piece at the estate sale, or work to connect you with an art auction or consignment.

When selling art at an estate sale, you want an expert who can speak with authority as you try to sell the piece, which is exactly what you will get with us.


With many consumers wanting to upcycle old items to help reduce waste, repurposing artwork is gaining in popularity. Just because the print itself is something you’d want in your home doesn’t mean it can’t be made new again.

We encourage you to look at the piece holistically, oftentimes the frame can be valuable. It could be used to frame another print, or clean and paint the frame and sell it for a profit.

You can also make the artwork your own by repurposing into something that fits your personality and design aesthetic. We have seen people add inspirational phrases to landscape scenes or give it a more modern feel by paining on geometric shapes.

Another option is to start fresh. If the painting is on canvas you can simply paint over it to create your own artwork. If it has a texture from paint, you can sand it down with a fine sandpaper to create a smooth surface. A quick search on Pinterest will surely leave you inspired.

Whether you want to sell your artwork, or you’re looking for a bargain check out some of our upcoming estate sales. You might find just what you’re looking for.

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