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How to Know if you Record Albums Have Value

The acoustics of a record album are like no other, helping vinyl albums to remain popular at estate sales in Tacoma, Seattle and Olympia. As with other vintage items, there is not exact science or formula that can help determine the value of an items, but there are a few tried and true ways to determine whether your vinyl has value. Condition The overall condition of an album is one of the most important factors in determining a record’s value. Records were mass produced for the last 60 years, with a majority of those not being taken care of by their owners. Whether they have been stored in a garage, heavily used, or damaged, collectors are only interested in an album that has maintained is

Handbags and Watches – How to Spot a Fake

Luxury brands are an absolute treat, and when you can buy a one of these brands second hand you can save a good chunk of change. But the phrase “buyer beware” couldn’t be more appropriate when talking about buying luxury handbags and watches at local estate sales. From our experience, here is how to spot a fake. Handbags: Stitching and Patterns The devil is in the details, and with handbags, this mean the stitching. With an authentic luxury brand handbag, the stitches will be completely even. Genuine handbags are handmade, so there is never a loose thread or uneven stitch. You should also pay close attention to the patterns. The classic Louis Vuitton “LV” pattern matches perfectly at each se

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