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How to Know if your Native American Collectibles are Authentic?

Native American jewelry, art, and woodwork are always a welcome find at estate sales in Tacoma, Seattle, Gig Harbor, and Olympia. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to be surrounded by Native American culture, and authentic artifacts are particularly valuable. Over the course of their history, Native Americans have made beautiful blankets, fishing baskets, jewelry, wooden art, and tools. But how can you tell if your what you may have found is the real thing? Know the Source One of the most popular styles of necklaces made by Native Americans was the squash-blossom necklace. It was so popular with tourists in the American West that the Navajo had to import a more inferior turquoise

What Makes an Old Tool Valuable?

Antique and vintage tools are a common find at estate sales in Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia. And when it comes to the antique tool market, you’ll find two kinds of buyers. Some choose to use the pieces they buy, because often an old tool, like a level, saw hammer, chisel or wrench, can be better for a skilled job than its modern equivalent. On the flip side, other buyers simply collect these tools because they admire the craftsmanship, the aesthetic, or the uniqueness of the tool. So how do you know if the tools in your grandfather’s garage are of any value? Like with most antique and vintage items, it depends. Through our experience, we have found there are three main ways to know if an old

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