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How to Reupholster a Chair

Beautiful dining and side chairs are a common find at estate sales from Olympia to Gig Harbor. And when you find a piece with good bones, but it doesn’t quite fit your style, you can always make it your own. Do keep in mind, the simpler the chair, the easier the project – dining chairs will be easy, and a wing back chair will be more challenging. We have outlined the steps here. Before you get started, here is a list of suggested materials Staple gun Pliers Scissors Paint/Stain Supplies (brushes, drop cloth, tack cloths, old rags) Fabric and Batting Step One: Deconstruct To deconstructing your chair, find what the chair maker did last, which is usually that is the underside of the chair, and

What to do with Old Artwork?

At local estate sales, artwork is a popular item. We often find quality pieces that sell easily, but others are overlooked. With that, repurposing old artwork is gaining popularity. Whether you are selling the artwork or wondering what to do with all the unique pieces you find at local estate sales, here’s what we recommend when it comes to making use of old artwork. Sell It Selling old artwork at an estate sale is always a good option. For Honest Estate Sales, our approach is to help our client by doing a little research. We take time to understand who the artist was/is, and what their prints are worth. We use this information when advertising your estate sale and during the sale to help ed

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