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How to Sell Your Midcentury Modern Furniture

Midcentury Modern furniture is a broad term used to describe furniture from the 1930s to the mid-1960s and is always fun to find at local estate sales. Midcentury modern furniture is making a comeback thanks to its clean lines and classic style, which caters a simpler way of living. But how do you go about selling these pieces if you inherit them, or are looking to downsize? We have found that using the estate sale format is a great approach, especially if you have several pieces to sell. Sell at an Estate Sale We know what you’re saying – of course and estate sale company wants us to sell with them. But hear us out. By and large, potential buyers are looking for estate sales that are sellin

Star Wars Collectibles – How to Get Started

Star Wars toys hit the shelves in 1977, and today, the characters can be found on practically everywhere, from lunch boxes to LEGOs and everything in between. Star Wars memorabilia is loved and admired by many and occasionally vintage figures can be found at local estate sales. When they first came on the market, this line of collectibles was one of the first toy lines to market the merchandise as a “collect them all” strategy. At that time, only baseball cards really had that strategy. Collecting Vintage Star Wars toys is generally worth the investment. For example, in 2015, an original Bobba Fett figurine in mint condition sold for $27,000 to an internet bidder. Just for comparison, it ori

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