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10 Barbies Worth Top Dollar

We love seeing Babies at local estate sales. They are a popular toy, having sold more than 1 billion dolls since their debut in 1959. Collecting Barbies has been popular for quite some time, but what is most surprising is that some of the most valuable Barbies are more recent dolls – those from the 1990s and early 2000s. Just a few older dolls are on the top 10 list. Here are 10 of the most valuable Barbies.

Calvin Klein Barbie

Dressed in head-to-toe Calvin Klein, this limited-edition Barbie is very popular thanks in part to the CK label.

Year Released: 1996

Valued Now: $500-$1400 (new in box)

Coach Barbie

Another designer wearing Barbie, this doll features a classic Coach trench coat, and her Coach handbag even comes with a dust cover.

Year Released: 2013

Valued Now: $1,500 (new in box)

Marie Antoinette

This doll is simply exquisite. From the handcrafted porcelain roses she carries, to the blue satin roses on her shoes, this doll is a true piece of art.

The Marie Antoinette doll was the first of three in the “Women of Royalty” Series created by Barbie, which also features Queen Elizabeth I and Empress Josephine.

Year Released: 2003

Valued Now: $2,000 (gold label version and in the original box)

NASCAR Official #94 Barbie

Donning a red and yellow uniform inspired by the legendary Bill Elliott, this McDonald’s sponsored Barbie is quite valuable largely because this was a limited-edition Barbie. Her signature racing helmet and uniform helps, too.

Year Released: 1999

Valued Now: $2,200 (new in box)

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

Karl Lagerfeld was a fashion icon having worked for Chloe and Chanel before starting his own fashion house in 1984. This Barbie imitates Lagerfeld’s likeness with perfection. She is dressed heat to toe in a black suit and tie, and even comes with sunglasses and black

fingerless gloves. With just 999 made, this Barbie’s scarcity makes her quite valuable.

Year Released: 2014

Valued Now: $6,000 (new in box)

Pink Jubilee Barbie

Made to celebrate Barbie’s 30th anniversary, this Barbie was only given as gift to attendees of an invitation-only anniversary celebration.

Year Released: 1989 (Barbie’s 30th Anniversary)

Valued Now: $3,200

City Smart Silkstone Barbie

This vintage inspired Barbie could easily be mistaken for an older Barbie. Her delicate handbag and sophisticated white gloves give her a look of remarkable beauty.

Year Released: 2003

Valued Now: $2,900 (new in box)

Violette Barbie

This stunning Barbie was designed by Robert Best and is part of the Platinum Label. Her stunning gown features silk organza printed with beautiful violets. It is a stunning Barbie and perfect for any collector

Year Released: 2005

Valued Now: $1,750 (new in box)


Okay, we know this might not be the most valuable Barbie, but you can’t forget about Ken. For the sake of the list, we’ll stick to the first Ken, which was first released in 1961.

Year Released: 1961

Valued Now: up to $500

Original Barbie

Last but certainly not least is original Barbie. In 1959, the year of her debut, she cost consumers a whopping $3.00. She has blonde hair and is wearing a black and white stripped bathing suit.

Year Released: 1959

Valued Now: between $6,000 and $27,000

Fun for children and grownups alike, Barbie is a doll that has reinvented herself more times that we can count, and she has done it well. If you have a few Barbies, and are wondering if they are worth anything, give us a call, we can help.

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