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Star Wars Collectibles – How to Get Started

Star Wars toys hit the shelves in 1977, and today, the characters can be found on practically everywhere, from lunch boxes to LEGOs and everything in between. Star Wars memorabilia is loved and admired by many and occasionally vintage figures can be found at local estate sales.

When they first came on the market, this line of collectibles was one of the first toy lines to market the merchandise as a “collect them all” strategy. At that time, only baseball cards really had that strategy.

Collecting Vintage Star Wars toys is generally worth the investment. For example, in 2015, an original Bobba Fett figurine in mint condition sold for $27,000 to an internet bidder. Just for comparison, it originally cost about $2 when first sold in 1980.

So, whether you’ve loved Star Wars since its inception, or are a newcomer here’s how we recommend you start your collection.


With Star Wars, there are many different options for collecting. You can collect figurines, lunchboxes, clothing, book and so much more, so we recommend you really focus on what you truly love about this franchise and focus on that. For example, you could focus on a certain character, like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, or R2-D2. Or you could focus on a specific film.

With so many options to choose from, having a strong focus will help you collect what is most meaningful to you.

Set A Budget

Collecting cost money, but a budget will help you stay within your set parameters. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Be on the Lookout for Vintage

Once you’ve decided what exactly you want to collect, be on the lookout for vintage items and limited editions. This is where the money is, with some fetching thousands of dollars. has a very detailed database that can help you better understand the figures you come across.

Be Organized

Finally, you need to be organized. Many collectors have hundreds, if not thousands of items in their collections, and you want to make sure you can keep track of everything you have, and everything you still want to collect. Cataloging your items electronically, in something like an Excel spreadsheet is a good approach. But a handwritten log will work well too.

Storage is also important. You want to create a space that allows you to properly store, but also appreciate your collection. A simple shelving unit can be a great place to start.

Die-hard collectors recommend investing in a glass case and storing your figures in plastic cases designed for sports memorabilia, as they help to keep you item clean and protected.

So whether you’re wanting to get started, or are ready to add to your collection, check out our upcoming estate sales. You never know what you might find.

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