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Estate Sale’s Hidden Treasures – Seven Hidden Gems

Estate sales in Olympia, Tacoma, and Gig Harbor offer plenty of hidden gems. As you head out to your next estate sale, here are seven items you should keep an eye out for.


Old books are a wonderful way to fill up an old space, especially leather-bound books. They are usually inexpensive but allow you to add sophistication to your home or office.

If you think you’ve stumbled on a valuable book, learn more about finding an old book’s value in our recent blog post here.

Wingback or Club Chairs

Wingback or club chairs are often passed up because they are worn and seen as an eyesore. But a leather or upholstered wingback chair can easily be reupholstered. And it’s not difficult. Check out our tutorial for reupholstering chairs here.

These chairs are likely solid wood construction, and with a little love, they can be transformed to their former glory.

Vintage Accents

This category is a little broad but simply put vintage accents are the charming tabletop accessories that help make space. These can be antique boxes, candlesticks, or even bottles. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these as it adds elegance and charm.


Vinyl records have a sound that simply can’t be duplicated, and like other vintage items, there is no exact science or formula that can help determine the value of vinyl. If you think you found something worthwhile, check out this recent blog that will help you determine its value.


Costume jewelry is usually made with non-precious stones and metal, and gained popularity in the 1920s when famous designer, Coco Chanel launched a new line of bold statement pieces that were meant to be worn like art. Of course, these pieces were expensive and out of reach for many. With that, several other designers stepped in to make affordable pieces that still offered the same elegance.

When shopping for jewelry at estate sales, pay attention to the condition of the piece. To learn more about what you should look for, check out our recent blog on buying vintage jewelry here.


Whether you need furniture for your first apartment, or you’re looking to add to your forever home buying furniture at an estate sale is a great idea. The most popular reason people like to buy furniture at estate sales is because it’s inexpensive. But old furniture is also often of much better quality than something new.

If you’re hoping to find furniture at an estate sale, take a quick look at this recent blog. It will help you prepare.


Vintage glassware, whether it’s Early American Pattern Glass or Jadeite, is an incredible find at local estate sales. These beautiful and charming pieces are the perfect fit for any home. Vintage glassware has many nuances, so check our blogs on Early American Pattern Glass and Jadeite. These will help you better understand what you need to look for.

It’s time to find your next estate sale gem! Check out our upcoming estate sales. You never know what you might find.


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