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Buying Vintage Costume Jewelry – What to Keep in Mind

Buying vintage costume jewelry at local estate sales is both appealing and intriguing. Costume jewelry is usually made with non-precious stones and metal, and gained popularity in the 1920s when famous designer, Coco Chanel launched a new line of bold statement pieces that were meant to be worn like art. Of course, these pieces were expensive and out of reach for many. Taking a page from Chanel’s play book, Elsa Schiaparelli started a similar line, but made of fake stones, and a new plastic material called Bakelite. It is a very hard plastic that can be carved and polished, helping to create beautiful bracelets, and necklaces. There are higher end pieces made by names like Coro, Eisenberg, S

How to Know if an Old Book Has Value

Estate sales in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and Olympia often feature bookshelves full of well-loved books. From non-fiction, to classic novels these books were appreciated and treasured by their owners. But when it comes to selling, how can you determine an old book’s value? But before we talk about how to know if you book has value, you need to know how to find critical information about the book, like its first printing date. Locate the copyright page – it’s usually one the first few pages Find the edition details. This is where you will find out whether your book is a first or second edition. And here’s a pro tip, don’t rule out children’s books. Some can fetch quite the profit! At the 2019 New

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