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Valuable Hummel Figurines

Hummel figurines hail from Germany, and many people own and proudly display their Hummel figurines. At an estate sale near you there could very well be a collection of these adorable figurines. The history of the maker of Hummel figurines is just as intriguing as the figures themselves. These adorable pieces debuted in 1935 and were designed by MI Hummel. Born Berta Hummel, she later changed her name to Maria Innocentia when she entered a convent in 1931. She was an art school graduate, and she enjoyed painting during her early days at the convent. She began selling artwork that features the now famous figurines. One of which found its way to Franz Goebel, a director at a German pottery comp

Top 5 Vintage Pyrex Patterns

Vintage Pyrex is treasured by collectors, and at our estate sales in Tacoma, Gig Harbor and Olympia, we are have seen some beautiful patterns. Pyrex dates back to 1915 with simple baking dishes made of clear glass. It was a new and exciting piece of kitchenware because it allowed cooks to see their food cook. Soon, they expanded with bowls, measuring cups, butter dishes and so much more, and in 1947, colored Pyrex bowls made their debut. It is those colorful pieces of Pyrex that are now the most valuable and sought after. Between 1956 and 1987, Corning Glass Works released more than 150 different patterns on Pyrex opal ware, according to the Corning Glass Museum. With vintage Pyrex, personal

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