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Top 3 Repairs to Make to your Vintage Bicycle Before Selling

Vintage Bicycle

Through our work providing estate liquidation services, we are seeing a trend with vintage bicycles. Their classic style, and charm make them a favorite with suburban moms and urban millennials alike.

If you have a vintage bicycle, but aren’t sure of its exact specifications, check out the website, Dave’s Vintage Bicycles. It has a wealth of information on hundreds of old bicycles and is a great place for you to find out the exact make and model of your bicycle.

From what we have seen, integrity is of paramount importance to buyers. They want a bike has maintained its original condition, and its charm. With that, here are the top three repairs you should make before selling your vintage bicycle.

Clean it up

Like any item you’re planning to sell, you need to clean it. Start by washing it, and then tackle any rust you may have.

Rust is not pretty, and it damages metal by making it weak, or causing pieces to become stuck together. To properly remove rust all you need is some steel wool and elbow grease. It’s an easy task that makes a big impact.

Finally, get rid of any other visual clutter – like old stickers or tape.

Wheels and Tires

A bike’s wheels and tires are one of the most recognizable indicators of a bicycle’s condition, and these need to be cleaned too. Just like removing rust, steel wool can be used to clean the spokes, giving them a beautiful shine.

But if the wheels and tires are in rough shape, there is no harm in replacing these. They are, after all, a crucial element to using the bike. New wheels can also drastically improve the overall look and feel to the bike.

There are local companies that can help with this. If you are need of a good referral, give us a call.

Paint it?

To paint or not to paint, that is the question among bicycle restoration enthusiasts. Some vintage buyers would rather see the original paint – chips and all, while another buyer would rather it have a “fresh from the showroom” feel. We recommend you take your method of selling into consideration when trying to make this decision.

Selling a family collectible, or a piece with sentimental value is always an exciting adventure. As you prepare to sell your vintage bike, take a bit of time to get it ready, and if you need help, we are here. Give us a call and we can help you get started.

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