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Valuable Hummel Figurines

Hummel figurines hail from Germany, and many people own and proudly display their Hummel figurines. At an estate sale near you there could very well be a collection of these adorable figurines.

The history of the maker of Hummel figurines is just as intriguing as the figures themselves. These adorable pieces debuted in 1935 and were designed by MI Hummel. Born Berta Hummel, she later changed her name to Maria Innocentia when she entered a convent in 1931. She was an art school graduate, and she enjoyed painting during her early days at the convent. She began selling artwork that features the now famous figurines. One of which found its way to Franz Goebel, a director at a German pottery company. He worked with her to transform her art into what we now know as Hummels.

MI Hummel passed away at 37, but production of her figurines continued to this day.

MI Hummel was a talented and compassionate woman, and we encourage you to learn more about her here.

Which are Valuable

The value of Hummel figurines saw a steady increase until the 1970s. There are a few rare Hummels that are worth significant value, but the most are worth around $50.

The value depends largely on the age and demand for the piece. To determine the age of a Hummel, look at this website. It is a great resource and helps identify factory marks, and the age of your piece.

Noteworthy Figurines of Value:

Apple Tree Boy and Girl

This pair is highly sought after. It’s an adorable set that includes a little boy and little girl sitting in apple tree. If you have both, these could be worth $10,000 according to the website Shared.

Ring Around the Rosie

This adorable statue features four young girls playing, you guessed it, Ring Around the Rosie. Its value comes from the attention to detail required to execute such a piece. If you have this, it could sell for around $3,000.

International Figurines

These debuted in the 1940s and pay tribute to several different nationalities including Serbia, Hungary and the former Czechoslovakia. These have sold for more than $3,000 in recent auctions.

Picture Perfect

What’s cuter than children and puppies? In the world of Hummels, not much. This figure depicts three children and a dog as they sit to have their picture taken and could be worth as much as $3,500. Its high price tag is largely due to the fact that just 2,500 of these figurines were made.

Adventure Bound

This figure features seven young boys out on an adventure, and it is widely accepted as the most valuable Hummel figurine. The most valuable were created before 1959 and could sell for between $6,000 to $9,000.

Hummels are no doubt popular among collectors. If you have some of these figurines, and want to know more about their value, give us a call.

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