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Upcycling Picture Frames

At an estate sale in Tacoma, Sumner, or Olympia, you will likely find beautiful picture frames that deserve to be repurposed. But what can you do with old picture frames? Here are a few great options that will add personality to your home.

1. Turn them into a message board: Use a piece of cork or foam board to replace the backing of an old picture frame and turn it into a stylish message board. Perfect for leaving notes or reminders, this upcycled piece will add a touch of character to any room.

2. Create a memo board: Along the same lines as a message board, you can simply remove the glass and backing of an old picture frame and attach a piece of metal mesh or chicken wire to the back. This creates a great memo board for posting notes, photos, or reminders with magnets.

3. Create a chalkboard: Use chalkboard paint to turn an old picture frame into a stylish and functional chalkboard. You can use it in your kitchen to write grocery lists, in your office to write reminders or quotes, or in your children's room to encourage creativity.

4. Make a jewelry organizer: Use a picture frame with a deep frame to create a stylish and functional jewelry organizer. Add hooks, knobs, or wire mesh to hold your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, and hang it on the wall for easy access.

5. A mirror: If the glass of the frame is still in good condition, consider turning it into a decorative mirror. You can paint or refinish the frame to match your decor and use it as a statement piece in any room.

6. Create a gallery wall: Rather than using picture frames to display photos or artwork, use them as decorative elements on a gallery wall. Mix and match different frames to create a unique and eclectic display.

7. Create a shadow box: Use an old picture frame with a deep frame to create a shadow box. You can fill it with small keepsakes, like seashells, tickets, or postcards, and hang it on the wall as a beautiful and sentimental display.

Picture frames of all styles are often looking for a new home at many of our estate sales. Check out our upcoming estate sales to see if we have what you’re looking for.


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